Editorial Summary :

This month I started writing (almost) every day . I’m a data-driven gal, I want to know these things! Clicking into each article’s stats is time-consuming and underwhelming . Tracking article trends over time for individual articles is a manual process with the current dashboard . Right now, I have to wait until the start of a new month to get a solid number for the previous month . And there’s no comparison of month-over-month changes! This could just be the marketer in me talking . Hopefully, someone, somewhere who works at Medium might find this feedback helpful for their product development . And I know that creating new tools and features is often easier said to done than done . Fellow writers: what other data would you find most useful in your Stats? What other data you would like to see in the Stats section? Share your feedback with us at http://www.mailonline.com/news/maximize-stats.com . Back to the page you came from.com and comment on your Stats section .

Key Highlights :

  • This month, writer Emily L. Smith started writing more than a month after publishing her first Medium article .
  • She’s frustrated by the amount of data Medium gives us as writers .
  • The stats are a tool that helps you create a product for a blog or a website .
  • I’m hoping to see this feedback on how useful it can be for new tools and features .

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