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This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon . The data consists of more than 2500 rows, where every row contains details about different dark chocolate bars . To create a database and add a table to that database, you must read an article by clicking this link . Here I am using the psycopg2 python library, which helps us to connect with a Postgres database through python . If you are not interested in learning about it, just go to my Github repo and download the excel file . There are 630 unique dark chocolates available in this dataset . From them, the chocolate bar with the reference number 414 appears mostly in the dataset . The most frequently used ingredients are Beans, Sugar, and Cocoa Beans . From the above visualization, we can easily tell that the chocolate named Kokoa Kamili has the highest average rating among all of them . Let’s see the summary statistics of the numerical columns . Here we find out which chocolate bar got the best average rating . Most of the reviews were recorded in 2015 . We have to make a dictionary containing every taste as key and their counts as values . After that, we plot that dictionary using the sort_sliced_dict function . It seems that maximum people are optimistic about the chocolate being fruity . Soma chocolate maker got the best average rating among them . Let’s see how much cocoa they used in their chocolates . Some people don’t like chocolate containing Lecithin, which is allergic to some people, is reflected in the data . Analytics Vidhya does not use Plotly library normally . If you want to get a guide about Plotly, let me know . The media shown in this article is not owned by Analytics Vidhy and is used at the Author’s discretion . If there is something wrong from my side, I am always here to listen to you. I did some experiments on this. If you got something wrong, please share it with me in the comments. If you have something wrong with Plotly please contact us at analytics. Vidhy .

Key Highlights :

  • This article is a part of the Data Science Blogathon .
  • It is about dark chocolate and the data is collected from a database hosted by Heroku Postgres .
  • There are 2530 rows and 10 columns available in the data .
  • Cocoa Percent column is of object datatype because of the ‘%’ sign .
  • Cocoom Percent column has a large number of letters and numbers .
  • Soma chocolate maker got the best average rating among all of them .
  • The company is known for blending different types of chocolates .
  • Analytics Vidhya uses Plotly to test python and Plotly in python .
  • He is always here to listen to you and help you understand the code .

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