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Scalefusion Introduces Android SDK Simplifying Enterprise App Development

ProMobi Technologies announced that Scalefusion – its mobile device management solution has now launched a one of its kind powerful offering – the Scalefusion Android MDM SDK. With Scalefusion Android MDM SDK, enterprise app developers can now utilize the set of data points that are now made available only within the MDM environment by the Android OS.

With the help of Scalefusion Android SDK, app developers can minimize the code changes while handling enterprise use-cases and simultaneously provide a first-class user experience on Android devices managed using Scalefusion.

Some of the use-cases that the enterprise apps typically require are Apps needing to access the IMEI/Serial# or other hardware IDs for identification and reconciliation of company-owned devices. With Android MDM SDK, the app developers can now make use of this data that is not exposed by Android and create enterprise applications that run smoothly on devices managed using Scalefusion.

Other features that can be leveraged using the Android MDM SDK:

  • Driving conditional access to apps managed by Scalefusion
  • Controlling application upgrades, clearing app data or reinstalling the application
  • Controlling network parameters such as turning ON/OFF the Hotspot, turning ON/OFF Airplane mode or configuring Wifi settings
  • Launching activities from the background
  • Performing device reboot or power off

“Since the soft launch of this feature, we have been seeing app developers using it for quite interesting use-cases. This includes improving the interface for the non-tech savvy, preventing unwanted changes on the frontline and student devices and reducing the overall troubleshooting efforts,” commented Mr. Sriram Kakarala, VP – Products at Scalefusion.

IT admins and enterprise app developers can leverage the Android MDM SDK to help their Android apps thrive. You can request a free evaluation of this feature by setting up a free demo of Scalefusion MDM along with Scalefusion Android MDM SDK here.

About Scalefusion:

ProMobi Technologies provides a leading Mobile Device Management solution under the brand Scalefusion. Scalefusion MDM allows organizations to secure and manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, POS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices and ensures streamlined device management operations with Scalefusion Remote Troubleshooting.

More than 8000 companies across the world are unlocking their true potential using Scalefusion, which is used across various industries such as Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction & Real Estate, Hospitality, Software & Telecom, Financial Services & others.


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